Month: September 2023

Reno for the final time – Unlimited’s

Unlimited Class The Unlimited Class of airplanes at the Reno Air Races has been a thrilling spectacle for aviation enthusiasts over the last few years, with one of the most captivating rivalries being the battle between the iconic “Dreadnought” and “Miss America.” These high-performance racing […]

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Back to the Reno Air Races – Last time and Biplanes are out

Biplanes out The Reno Air Races offer photographers a thrilling canvas for capturing the exhilarating world of biplane class air racing. The high-speed spectacle of these aircraft tearing through the skies, Reno provides an electrifying backdrop for photographers to showcase their skills. Reno’s biplane class […]

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Back to Reno for the final time – a little history first

As I make my way to the Reno Air Races, a bittersweet feeling washes over me, for this might be my last time experiencing the thrilling spectacle of high-speed aircraft zooming through the Nevada skies. The Reno Air Races have always held a special place […]

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