Month: September 2011

Reno – final images

Shot so much stuff it’s hard to select what to share – I was once told that photographers should never edit their own images since they can’t separate the amount of work put into getting an image with whether it’s good or not. Just because […]

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My Last morning at reno – “Variations”

This is my last day at Reno as duty calls and I have to leave. It’s been a lot of fun hanging out with a great bunch of photographers. Bill Forteny, Mike Anskat, Moose Peterson, Mrs. Moose (Sharon), and so many others. Always willing to […]

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Reno Day 2

Since we are really jammed with business today I will keep the blog entry short and let the photos do the work. Thanks for visiting. I love seeing our sponsorship signs at the start finish line. We have developed a great relation ship here at […]

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