Month: September 2022

Reno Air Races – Planes in the air

OK – Time to get serious – It’s been a week “How about showing some airplanes in the sky“? – That was a comment that A good friend emailed me. Since most of the week has been smoke filled skies, I was beginning to think […]

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Reno Air Races – Sunrise on the Ramp

One of my favorite activities at the Reno Air Races – or any airshow – is to shoot at sunrise. It gives me a chance to roll out some creativity. Everything takes on a different look in that magic hour. (1/2 hour before and after […]

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Reno Air Races – We are racing

The smoke from the wildfires continue to hamper racing but a few of the events were able to get heats in today, The STOL Drag planes are not affected by the smoky haze and since they take place right in front of the grandstands, It […]

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