Month: September 2022

Reno Air races – Too Smoky to Fly – Nose Art

Out on the ramp at 5:30 this morning – very cold again but I came a little better prepared today. Unfortunately the wildfire smoke is hampering the flying today – As I was told by one of the pilots – “you shouldn’t fly faster than […]

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Reno Air Races STOL Drag

Up and out early this morning – 5:30 am on the ramp. Unfortunately the weather didn’t cooperate. Smoke from the wildfires in the area made visibility poor and killed what little sunrise would happen. I used the opportunity to shoot a few of the historic […]

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Reno Air Races – getting ready for the race

I’ve been going to the Reno Air Races for a long time – always as part of my job. This year I get to attend just to shoot – no special workspace – no special connections – no obligations to interfere with shooting. Today was […]

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