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Reno – F1 racers and their planes

  Formula One class airplane racing, often referred to as Formula 1 Air Racing, is a high-octane motorsport that combines the speed of aircraft with the thrill of competitive racing. These races feature small, agile aircraft that are purpose-built for speed and maneuverability. With wingspans […]

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Reno – Shooting Planes – tips

Photographing airplanes in the sky can be an exhilarating yet technically demanding pursuit for photographers. The challenges faced in this endeavor often test a photographer’s skills to the limit. One common issue is capturing aircraft with missing tails or just noses or wings. This can […]

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Reno for the final time – Unlimited’s

Unlimited Class The Unlimited Class of airplanes at the Reno Air Races has been a thrilling spectacle for aviation enthusiasts over the last few years, with one of the most captivating rivalries being the battle between the iconic “Dreadnought” and “Miss America.” These high-performance racing […]

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