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Unlimited Class

The Unlimited Class of airplanes at the Reno Air Races has been a thrilling spectacle for aviation enthusiasts over the last few years, with one of the most captivating rivalries being the battle between the iconic “Dreadnought” and “Miss America.” These high-performance racing planes have pushed the boundaries of speed and agility, creating an exhilarating atmosphere at the world-renowned air racing event.

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Dreadnought, a legendary aircraft, has consistently been a crowd favorite. Piloted by skilled aviators, it has showcased remarkable speed and power, often dominating the competition. Its roaring engine and sleek design make it a formidable contender in the Unlimited Class. Fans have marveled at Dreadnought’s ability to maintain its status as a top competitor, thanks to dedicated teams continually fine-tuning and upgrading the aircraft.


©2021 Bill Pekala


On the other side of the rivalry stands “Miss America,” another formidable entrant in the Unlimited Class and a host of others – hopefully some of them will be back this year for a final showdown.

The Unlimited Class at the Reno Air Races represents the pinnacle of air racing, where speed, strategy, and precision come together. The ongoing rivalry between Dreadnought and Miss America has become an integral part of the event’s legacy, captivating the hearts of aviation enthusiasts and leaving them eagerly anticipating each showdown in the skies.

This being the final year at Reno – there are a host of other contenders that plan to be spoilers. Especially some from the past.

Follow along with me starting Wednesday here at Reno when the races start in earnest.

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