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Biplanes out

The Reno Air Races offer photographers a thrilling canvas for capturing the exhilarating world of biplane class air racing. The high-speed spectacle of these aircraft tearing through the skies, Reno provides an electrifying backdrop for photographers to showcase their skills. Reno’s biplane class racing has presented an array of exciting opportunities for photographers to capture the essence of speed, precision, and aviation history.

©Bill Pekala 2022

This year’s absence of biplanes at the Reno Air Races is undeniably disappointing for aviation enthusiasts and photography enthusiasts alike. Due to an unfortunate lawsuit, the thrilling spectacle of biplane class racing has been put on hold, leaving a void in the excitement that these aircraft bring to the event. The roar of engines, the daring maneuvers, and the sheer adrenaline rush of biplane racing will be sorely missed, casting a shadow over what would have otherwise been an unforgettable air racing experience.

©Bill Pekala 2022
©Bill Pekala 2022

As the photographer behind the lens at last year’s biplane races at the Reno Air Races, I wanted to share these captivating moments.  Each image tells a story of speed, precision, and the enduring spirit of aviation. Through these photographs, I hope the thrilling atmosphere of the event, where aircraft and daring pilots created a spectacle that’s truly timeless.

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Here is a gallery of some of these incredible flying machines

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