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US open – It’s not always about the ball!

If you read my previous post you know the importance of having the ball in the photo. That said – to really cover an event you have to enhance those great action shots with expressions and jubilation to give a complete flavor of what goes […]

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US Open Tennis – It’s all about the ball

For years I have had the pleasure of working at the US Open – running a photographer loan and repair service for Nikon and then Sony. It was fun and enjoyable but it never gave me much time to actually shoot the event. This year […]

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Nikon at Cape Kennedy – Part 2 – Space Shuttle

  I hope you enjoyed the first installment – This is part 2. I was thinking that this would be the 2nd half but it look like there will be a part 3 and maybe even part 4 shortly. I hope you find this enjoyable […]

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