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Reno – F1 racers and their planes

  Formula One class airplane racing, often referred to as Formula 1 Air Racing, is a high-octane motorsport that combines the speed of aircraft with the thrill of competitive racing. These races feature small, agile aircraft that are purpose-built for speed and maneuverability. With wingspans […]

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Reno – Morning light – Photographer Contortionists

Those of you that know me – know I love early morning light. It can be painful to get up before the sun – but the images sometimes make it very worth while.  While I was shooting this morning – another photographer and I simultaneously […]

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Back to the Reno Air Races – Last time and Biplanes are out

Biplanes out The Reno Air Races offer photographers a thrilling canvas for capturing the exhilarating world of biplane class air racing. The high-speed spectacle of these aircraft tearing through the skies, Reno provides an electrifying backdrop for photographers to showcase their skills. Reno’s biplane class […]

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