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I’ve been going to the Reno Air Races for a long time – always as part of my job. This year I get to attend just to shoot – no special workspace – no special connections – no obligations to interfere with shooting.

Today was my first day and it was certainly different. I got to talk to pilots, mechanics, other photographers doing the same thing I was trying to do. Everyone I met was excited about what they were doing.

© Bill Pekala 2022 

The early days this week are for the pilots to qualify for the actual races that start Thursday, It’s the days before the real action start and a chance for them to get the planes tuned up and polished and ready to go. 

© Bill Pekala 2022 
© Bill Pekala 2022 







Below is a short gallery of todays efforts – lots of cleaning, turning, polishing. 

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