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Up and out early this morning – 5:30 am on the ramp. Unfortunately the weather didn’t cooperate. Smoke from the wildfires in the area made visibility poor and killed what little sunrise would happen.

I used the opportunity to shoot a few of the historic aircraft that have started to come in – BUT – I will post that after all of them arrive.

The only thing flying this morning is an event that I have never covered. It is called STOL Drag. It’s been going on here for a few years and gaining in popularity. It takes place place on a 2000 foot course in front of the Pylon. Great event for a day like this since it’s right in front of the grandstands. Fun to watch.!

Since it was about the only thing going on – it drew a large number of photographers.

©Bill Pekala 2022 (Sony A1 – 100-400GM xzoom)

Defination: STOL Drag is a race between backcountry airplanes. Two aircraft fly down a 2,000-foot course. You start on a line, take-off, and fly 1,000 feet before putting the plane into a slip to slow the aircraft down. Turn around and go back the other way. In plain language it’s drag racing with airplanes. 

Easiest way to present these photo is with just a gallery. Fun to watch and a little scary.

all images Sony A1 w/Sony 100-400GM

I think I have had a few commercial landings that could compete with what I saw today.

Here’s a little teaser from early light this morning – if the weather cooperates- more to come – Early morning is one of my favorite times here.

©Bill Pekala 2022
©Bill Pekala 2022


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