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The smoke from the wildfires continue to hamper racing but a few of the events were able to get heats in today, The STOL Drag planes are not affected by the smoky haze and since they take place right in front of the grandstands, It is a fan favorite.

I know I did a brief post on this event a couple of days ago but now that I have had a chance to shoot several of the heats – I have serious respect for these pilots – what they do in that 1000 feet to get it off the ground, set it down just past a line on the runway (1000 ft) come to a stop, turn the plane around and drag back to where they started is incredible. The skill to control that plane is above and beyond average skills.

There were a couple of other events that got off the ground.

©Bill Pekala 2022

The jets are big fan favorite also and we got to see the race – still lots to go but at least they got started.

The Biplanes (one of my personal favorites) only got a couple of heats in before the visibility shut them down.  Maybe tomorrow for the rest of them.

©Bill Pekala 2022

Hopefully more tomorrow – spent 5 hours sitting out in the desert at pylon 2 – visibility shut things down before we had much chance to shoot any airplanes – I had to pretend I was sitting on a beach somewhere to kill the time..

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  1. Wonderful Photography Bill……your Feets look really big in the last photo… know what they say about guys with Big Feets, They spend a lot of time polishing their shoes……looking forward to seeing more of your wonderful images, Cheers, Paul Brown

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