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This is my last day at Reno as duty calls and I have to leave. It’s been a lot of fun hanging out with a great bunch of photographers. Bill Forteny, Mike Anskat, Moose Peterson, Mrs. Moose (Sharon), and so many others. Always willing to share what they know and help a new comer.
I call this mornings entry “Variations”. I will told by one of my early teachers to work the subject. In those days that meant shooting lots of shots. Today that also includes adding what you can via the software that we have available to us. I thought I would post some of the many images of the this great Spartan Executive 7W







Of course there is more going on here that just this beautiful plane. While on the ramp this morning we got a early peak at todays stunt team – The Patriots – I have not seen them before and look forward to their performance.

A few more variations below on a quick grab shot as the sun rose.

All images D700 w/28-300mm – Thanks for visiting.

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