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My professional education started at The Lexington (KY) Herald-Leader as a newspaper photographer. My job as the head of Nikon Professional Services offers me opportunities that some only dream of. I wake up most mornings and think “I even get paid for doing this”.

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Nikon at Cape Kennedy – Part 4 – Space Shuttle and beyond

A little late but here is the final part of Nikon at Cape Kennedy Been a little busy with a great new project that I will start documenting right away Stay Tuned Where would we work the rented motorhome was proving too small now that the program was getting into […]

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Nikon at Cape Kennedy – Part 3 – Space Shuttle

As you can see from the first two posts – there were lots of problems that had to be solved. The solutions didn’t come easy and required a lot of testing and experimenting. Someone that read the first post refered it to a friend who contacted me.  Geoff Miller, the […]

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Nikon at Cape Kennedy – Part 2 – Space Shuttle

  I hope you enjoyed the first installment – This is part 2. I was thinking that this would be the 2nd half but it look like there will be a part 3 and maybe even part 4 shortly. I hope you find this enjoyable and educational. The Space Shuttle […]

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