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My Last morning at reno – “Variations”

This is my last day at Reno as duty calls and I have to leave. It’s been a lot of fun hanging out with a great bunch of photographers. Bill Forteny, Mike Anskat, Moose Peterson, Mrs. Moose (Sharon), and so many others. Always willing to share what they know and […]

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Reno Day 2

Since we are really jammed with business today I will keep the blog entry short and let the photos do the work. Thanks for visiting. I love seeing our sponsorship signs at the start finish line. We have developed a great relation ship here at Reno with all the photographer […]

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First day at Reno 2011

Out the door at 5am this morning to catch the first sunrise of the trip. It’s always a treat to get out on the ramp at pre-dawn and catch that early light on some great one of a kind airplanes. One of only three Super Corsairs flying – Both of […]

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