Month: October 2011

London Hogwarts Hall

Dinner at hogwarts

  Another full day of meetings and then a very pleasant evening sponsored by the City of London. A reception at the Guildhall – a 600 year old building that could very easily be mistaken for the dining hall at Hogwarts for all you Harry […]

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World Press Briefing Day 1

Still great weather but spent almost all day in meetings getting an update on the Olympic plans. Looking like they have a real good handle on what needs to be done. It if runs according to plan it should be a smooth operation especially for […]

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London – A walk in the park

All rested from the travel – Mark and I decided to talk a walk to Buckingham Palace this morning before the activities start. London is loaded with tourists. Seems that this week is the equivalent of Fall Break for the kids. No school and nice […]

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