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London Hogwarts Hall

Another full day of meetings and then a very pleasant evening sponsored by the City of London. A reception at the Guildhall – a 600 year old building that could very easily be mistaken for the dining hall at Hogwarts for all you Harry Potter buffs. What a fantastic building and our hosts we more than gracious.

Toastmaster of London

A quick welcome and proclamation by the Mayor of London introduced by the “Toastmaster” of London. The Toastmaster of London took time out of pose with yours truly. A great guy with loads of stories about the Guildhall and some of the artifacts there. Including the original Magna Carta

Danielle Hope and Bill Pekala

Food, drink and entertainment from some of London’s best theater performers. We were treated to “Dorothy” from Wizard of Oz. Actress Danielle Hope.

Danielle Hope took time out to meet and great members of the press. A special evening for both the press and our hosts from the Olympic committee. These hard working people have patiently answered questions for 2 days and always had a smile on their face.


Bob Rosato - US Presswire and Steve Fine - Sports Illustrated

Bob Rosato from (US Presswire) along with Steve Fine (Sports Illustrated) and Leo Mason the local US Presswire guy enjoying the evening. A real special treat and a great time.

Thanks London

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  1. Jamie Wallis

    Mr. Pekala,
    By way of an introduction may I take you back to your trip to London when on 25 October 2011 you visited “Hogwarts” (aka the Guildhall) for a reception with the Lord Mayor of London. I am the Toastmaster appearing in your photograph and my name is Jamie Wallis. I hope this e-mail finds you well.

    Out of the blue a fellow Toastmaster has made me aware of your photograph of the two of us. The purpose of contacting you is to enquire if it might be possible to use your photograph to go on the website of the Society of London Toastmasters for publicity purposes? I will of course respect your wishes. If the answer is no then at least it gives me the chance to congratulate you on all the Olympic pictures you have posted on your website.

    With kind regards and I hope you do not mind me asking.
    Jamie Wallis,

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