Month: July 2012

London – First Work Day

      Everyday starts early with a ride on the Javalin – a high speed rail system that allows us to get to the Olympic complex in about 10 min. Of ┬ácourse, you have to throw in the 10 minute walk to the station […]

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London Olympics – Credential Day

Greetings from London where the games will begin shortly. Today was a get started early and wait in line day, Started about 7:30 this morning along with the rest of the incoming Nikon crew – the 14 of us had to get rail passes for […]

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Slim Princess Steam Locomotive

Laws Railroad Museum – plan extra time

During the trip to the Bodie ghost town – we did a little side trip to Bishop, Ca where the Laws Railroad Museum is located. We didn’t really think it would a long stop so we saved it for the last day in the area. […]

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