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Everyday starts early with a ride on the Javalin – a high speed rail system that allows us to get to the Olympic complex in about 10 min. Of  course, you have to throw in the 10 minute walk to the station and then the 20-30 min bus ride after the train  – but not a bad commute so far.



After all the traveling and the hassel of getting the credentials – it is now time to work. The whole team is on board until Friday and then we start split shifts. The work center is located in the Main Press Center (MPC) – located just a short walk from the Olympic Stadium.

This is where all the agencies and papers from all over the world have offices. It was a busy day. As the photographers arrive they drop off their equipment for a free clean and check and any other minor repairs that might be necessary to make sure their gear is top shape. It’s also a time for them to check out new items in case they need something to cover an event from a vantage point that they might not have thought about before they got here.

Needless to say we were swamped all day – A great chance to catch up with old friends and to meet new ones. This is what our counter looked like most of the 8 hour shift today. We have come with an international crew of 60+ people and lot of extra gear to make sure photographers get the best possible coverage of the Olympics.





It will thin out once the games actually start. We will remain busy the whole time but on a much more spread out time frame since we will work shifts from 6 am to Midnight. Not much time today to shoot anything worthwhile so I wandered out of the hotel after dark to see what is going on around the area we are in (Kings Cross). A nice place and lots of activity on the street. Here’s a few quick shots.




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  1. Joanne Murray

    I will look for your post each day, Bill. It was fun when Scott did a blog from the last two!

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