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On my trip to Titusville and Cape Kennedy last week – I had a few minutes to kill and decided to check out the Wetlands santuary that was across the street from the hotel.

What a pleasant surprise – even though it was the worst time of day for shooting (almost high noon) it provided a chanch to check out the Nikon One V2 with the FT-1 mount adapter that allows use of all regualar Nikkor lenses.

All these were taken with the 70-300 on that mount which is like using a 190-800mm lens.

2013-Titusville 2013-Titusville



















Hard to believe that these were taken without ever leaving the car – The V2 with the 70-300 makes such a small hand holdable package that is was easy to just brace it on the car window ledge – Shutter speed is critical with this combination. 800mm hand holding requires a carefull watch.











Below is a gallery of a few other shots that day (actually 40 minute drive through)



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  1. Those are pretty amazing….. Do you remember the guy in KY that drove to all this different parks and landmarks and shot them all from his car and they were use for postcards at every fillings station and restaurant in KY….. That wasn’t you was it……..

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