Those of you that have been following along with me while in Reno know I mentioned panning with moving aircraft and how difficult it is. Well the practice starts to pay off after a while. At least until the military gets involved. The opportunity to shoot the F18 Super Hornet during a demonstration flight brings the whole panning experience to a new level – we are now talking about aircraft moving at or near the speed of sound AND close to the ground.

I thought I would share a few of the images and some of the outtakes so that you can relive my experience.

This gives you a real appreciation for how difficult this is. I feel lucky to get even a couple of images that are keepers – the following illustrate what you can expect – but remember – practice-practice-practice – Kind of hard to do if you don’t have an F18 in your neighborhood.

Final wrap up shortly and then back to the office. I’ll do one last post with some of the highlights of the week and todays air show by the Canadian SnowBirds. A wonder sunset flight of thee P-38’s lost night and a gorgeous sunrise this morning with one of the P-38’s on the ramp will fill out this trips blog.

Stay Tuned and thanks for visiting.

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