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If you have ever had one of those days – that was so well planned out – but just didn’t come together then you will love this post.

I’m here in Brazil -Rio to be exact – with Mark Suban and Scott Diussa. We flew all night Sunday night to arrive to the same rain that we left in the states.

2013-June-Brazil 2013-June-BrazilThe airport was a zoo and after spending over 21 hours getting here we thought the worst was behind us.

The intent was to receive a shipment from Tokyo that was to be opened and repacked to send to the various venues for the upcoming Confederation Cup Soccer matches that state in about 2 weeks. Well – someone put the wrong weight on a customs form and the whole shipment is “stuck” in customs while the paperwork is being sorted out.

Instead of being in a warehouse unpaking and repacking a lot of gear – we spent the day here at the hotel working on other things.

2013-June-BrazilTodays office was not a bad place to be – However we were not getting what we came to do – DONE. Here is Mark, Scott, William (our NPS guy in Brazil) and I working dilligently to pass the time on this “lost day”. The view was nice and since it was there – might as well make use of it.


Stunning view from the roof – 300mm lens on the D5200. As the day went on it became painfully obvious that we were not going to get the freight. Since it winter here – we dicided for a late lunch early dinner about mid-afternoon. That’s when the lost day became the day found. Instead of wasting time talking about what didn’t happen – we all got our cameras and went for a walk to a nearby resturant. My personal choice for the day was the new CoolPix A. After spending a few hours with it – It has become my new 1st choice for a walk around camera.

brazil composit.004


The spotlight is going to be on Brazil for the next few years – Confereratoin Cup in a couple of weeks followed by the World Cup 2014 – Summer Olympics here in Rio in 2016



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  1. I love stories like this. I’m excited to see that new little camera of yours. If the proof is in t he pudding then you have found a winner. I hope the rest of your week gets better. Keep those cards and letters coming….. pictures….

  2. Looks like a weasel deal junket to me! Hey guys, have a blast, you deserve it, and watch drinking the water! The airport story reminds me a lot of Stanley Menscher and I at Santa Domingo for the Pan Am Games back in my early Nikon days , nothing a little sun n’ fun won’t cure… Blessings!

  3. William Silveira

    Nice post, Bill!

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