Last Day at Reno – what a week – and what a nice finish. A great air show by the Canadian SnowBirds and then the late afternoon flight of 2 P-38 Lightnings. Rare to see them on display but even more rare to see them in the air.

A real treat this morning to find one of the P38’s sitting on the ramp all by itself. Guess the crew was in a hurry to party last night. I hope they had a great time because it afforded one last opportunity to get some great early morning shots. The light was spectacular. As the early sunrise hit the clouds to the west – the whole sky ignited.

I know some people don’t think that HDR is a valid approach to high contrast lighting but to me it’s just another tool in the box and this type of photo cannot be done any other way.

I hope you feel the time spent was worthwhile. I have gotten a few emails from people asking about some of the other images I took – I am putting a gallery of them up here on my site – please enjoy them. If you have questions regarding technique – please drop me an email – I will be happy to share what I know and have learned here this week about shooting aircraft.

A special thanks to all that have contributed to this weeks learning experience. Scott Diussa, Jose “sprinkles” Ramos, Bill Fortney, Mike Anskat, Richard Small, Moose Peterson, Jake Peterson, Stephanie Cross, Richard VanderMeulen and a lot of others that have patiently listened to me and answered endless questions and shared their knowledge. The pleasure was all mine.

Thanks for following along and please check out the gallery. I only blog when I travel – Next major trip is the Photography at the Summit at the beginning of oct.

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