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No trip to Jackson Hole is complete without a trip to the Molson barn. A famous landmark and used in several movies over the years.

One of my hobbies is astronomy – after several days of cold, wet, rainy and snowy weather – the forcast was for a clear night. I consulted charts as to what was happening around us in the universe and found that the Milky Way would be visable staritng about 3:00AM at about 270 degrees in the western sky. A trip out to the barn earlier that day so I could take some compass reading would put it coming up over the Molson barn from the handy pull off of the road. (those that know me – know that my favorite shooting takes place only steps from the car).

As an added benefit – the moon would not rise until about 4:30AM. Time to get out the troops since I don’t like wandering aorund in the dark by myself. Of course I had to promise that it would be worthwhile.

2013-Jackson HoleEven Ron Taniwaki thought it was worth the loss of sleep. BTW – if you are ever going to be stuck in the cold and the dark – Ron is the go to guy. Fresh hot coffee and oatmeal right out the back of his FJ cruiser.

2013-Jackson Hole

2013-Jackson Hole

What a treat when the sun finally show up and then you know it was all worth the effort.

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  1. Great stuff, can’t wait to shoot the night sky with you in Moab!!!!!

  2. Bill- that famous landmark barn as i’ve never seen it.
    Thank you !

  3. Thanks buddy – looking forward to it

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