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Just got back from a quick 4 days in Jackson Hole Wyoming. It was the annual fall “Photography at the Summit” that Nikon sponosrs with Rich Clarkson and Associates. I have been out there many times and know all the great spots to shoot those iconic Grand Teton scenics like this one.

Oxbow Bend

This time I decided to see what I could do with some wildlife. Scott Frier – used to work for us as a Pro Market Tech Rep – promised to show me the ropes. After leaving Nikon – Scott has started up a wildlife photo business and even runs a few travel workshops to some very exotic places.  When I met Scott about 25+ years ago – he was the chief still photographer for the Cousteau Society. Needless to say – when he left them – Nikon hired him. He and his wife Paula are great teachers – Check out Scotts website – his listing is on my links page.

Herre are a few of the better images from the approx. 4 hours we got to shoot over the 3 days. The rest of the time was devoted to working with the attendees at the Clarkson Workshop. Not exactly hard work and what a nice office.


Of course it’s also necessary to take those iconic secenics – even though everyone else has the same shots. Such a beautiful place this time of  year.



Heres a gallery of the images.
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  1. Nice!! love the fall shot with the river, and the fly fisherman, hit them just right, great looking foliage, wish I was there, but then Albuquerque ain’t bad!!!!

  2. Bill–As always, your photos look wonderful. Thanks for including me on the list for your blog post. Best wishes.

  3. Just a note, Jim Sugar is older than me! 9 hours!!

  4. I love the fly fisherwoman. Just fantastic, what an office indeed!

  5. Dang, there was a lot of folks out a Jackson Hole the last couple of weeks…. Matt K., Phyliss B. Miles S. and Mr. Bill.

    Great shots and the only post I saw out of all of those that had some (as Moose woud say) Critters in them. Great work Bill as always.

  6. George Tiedemann

    Hey, after Nikon, you might consider send your portfolio to National Geo and start another career. Although, that might not be so good for your marriage. Forget I even mentioned it. Never-the-less, the pictures are terrific.

  7. Great stuff. Beautiful sunrise photos. The pictures look better than being there. Amazing you managed to get your Oxbow sunrise images without a person in it. There were so many people there, it was like shooting at a presidential news events. I’m looking forward to going out shooting again with you.

  8. I love these wildlife shots. Amazing. My favorites are the ones with the water, the mist, and the reflections. So beautiful.

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