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Today was my final day at the Press Center – Mark Suban and I are on the way home first thing in the morning. It’s been a fun trip but a lot of work. I will be happy to get on the plane.

As a little wrap up – here are some images from the last couple of day. I hope you enjoyed the posts. It was fun and help the time pass on my end. Thanks for following along.



Another photographer once told me that when you think things look good in front of you – turn around and look behind. I have found those works to be so true so many times. View from the London Bridge looking upriver from the Tower Bridge.




Found a great pub last night to share a final beer. Mark Suban did the honors on this photo. The Team – Mark Suban, Me, Scott Diussa, Mark Kettenhofen.





One final look at Kings Cross Station. getting through here during rush hour is like playing Frogger!





Scott and tool a little road trip tonight to Liverpool station to find Dirty Dicks – A pub that been around since the 1700’s and a famous hang out for the troops during WWII – Not like it was then but still in operation. The food was good and the beer was even better.





Thanks for following along – Next assignment Reno International Air Races in Sept.















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  1. Great job, feel like I was there on the inside! Great images!
    Proud of our team.

  2. Richard Small

    Thanks for all your personal coverage of the Olympics!! The shots were great , but ambiance was there in spades! Have a safe trip home!

  3. Great post, my daughter loved the familiar kings crossing and she got a kick of Dirty Dicks.. She said they never went in but always laughed as they went by. Thanks for all the great pics, felt like I was behind the scenes.

  4. Thanks Bill for all the great shots. Have a good trip home. See you soon.

  5. Nice HDR of the train station… you just gave me an idea! 🙂

  6. Joanne Murray

    Enjoyed it all Bill! And look forward to seeing you in September!

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