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Ok – I have to admit it. I am obsessed with the Tower Bridge. It is constantly changing and you never know what you will run into. Unfortunately, no one can tell me what the schedule is. I even contacted the Mayor of London’s office to see if we could get some idea of when certain color lights come on  and most importantly – when and why the raise the rings so that you cannot see them. The goal is the to have the towers bathed in blue or pink light WITH the rings in sight.








We decided to make another pilgrimage to the bridge, after a quick bite to eat in an automated sushi restaurant. The food travels on a conveyer belt and you just help yourself. After eating they add up the number and color of the dishes and you are charged accordingly. The sushi was fresh and actually good.

A quick trip on the “tube” down to the Thames and we were all set to capture the iconic photo of London during the games. 

(photo of Mark Suban from our DC office and Scott Diussa – field manager.)






I just knew that tonight was going to be the night. as we walked up the London Bridge to the shooting spot we could see the rings – (see top photo) as we stood there – an almost full moon started to rise and just as that was happening – They lifted the rings. Whoa – Stop – bring them back was the cry from the bridge.

To no avail but we still got some nice photos. We will try again. I am hoping to hear something from the Mayor’s office but who knows if they will come through. Even the bridge trolls could not prevent the moon from putting on it’s own show.


Back to the bridge tonight.






















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  1. Great shots of the bridge ! I took shots of the same full moon over Lake George. It looks a lot better next to the bridge. I think they raise the rings whenever they raise the drawbridge for boats to pass thru.

  2. I can see why…. great night shots. Amazing detail as well. Keep them coming. You probably needed a CSX hat that had LED to help you see………….

  3. Richard Small

    Great shots Bill! They are really sharp!

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