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Wow! What a day. Started early and finished very late. Got lucky and found an incredible spot to shoot the opening of the games. We had checked out several spots but got absolutely no cooperation from the Photo Chief – He told me I couldn’t be in the common area without a special sticker that he couldn’t help. I caught the train home about 5pm thinking that I might go down to the river to hang out with the locals.

Decided at the last minute to go back out to the stadium. Sometime persistance pays – I found a military guy that not only had the sticker I needed but was more than happy to assist and let me do what I wanted to do. He even stayed with me most of the time so no one would bother me. It is such a pleasure to meet someone that is willing to help instead of the “can’t do that attitude”. I ended up just a few feet from the line of athletes marching into the stadium. There are so many shots that I am only going to post a few tonight (it’s very late) and I’ll put us a gallery later this week.

Thanks mate – you know who you are and these are dedicated to you – I appreciate the assist.

London Olympics Stadium Fireworks





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  1. bernie campoli

    I only hope that above mentioned “photo Chief” has a old Nikon that he has to bring to you for repairs and it must be sent sent Japan for parts.
    It seems we always get the best images from where we are not supposed to be.

  2. Anne Cahill

    Great shots Bill! The ceremony looked spectacular on TV. Can’t wait to see more….

  3. Great stuff, what are you shooting with???

  4. David Turnley

    I love these photographs Bill and your spirit in them. Really enjoying following you in London. Keep posting- gorgeous work. David.

  5. Great shots Bill, I bet the opening ceremony was fabulous in person…looks like you’re having a wonderful time!

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