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The last day before the opening – you can start to feel the energy building – The press center was jammed all day with people getting set for their opening day assignments. One of our duties is to make sure that all the photographers using our gear have a full understanding of how it works. These are world class photographers and you might think they are above last minute training but they are also very smart people and know that all new products have slightly different characteristics. We were asked to do a training for the US Presswire Sports Media Group and USA Today staffs. Mark Suban gave them a complete rundown on the New D4’s that they are using.

USA Today - US Presswire training

After a full very busy day it was off to the Nikon opening party. A tradition for many past Olympics. The party is open to all shooters – Nikon or otherwise and there were  plenty of photographers there that shoot the other brand. A very nice addition to the party. All Nikon staff was banded so it was easy for the guest to find a Nikon host.

A fun evening with lots of time to meet and great old friends. Below is Sara Moosbrugger – our Pro Market Rep in LA , Amanda Mohammed from our Canadian NPS operation, and Mark Suban our Pro guy in Washington DC – working out the finer details of the banding process.


The Gallery that was selected for the party was a majestic location. The festivities covered several floors and was a great location – easy for everyone to get to.










It was very nice to see so many of our friends there having a great time. Below is Bill Frakes and our Peter Broden from one of our European offices. Old friends catching up.








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  1. Great post, Bill. Looks like everything is going well…

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