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Just a short note tonight – long 18 hour day but I did get a chance to shoot one of the buildings after dark. I promise to do more in the upcoming days as I have time to walk around a bit.

The building below is the Coke building. It’s sort of interesting in the daytime but takes on a whole different look once the sun sets.

There are several things that don’t look like much in the daytime but take on a new life when the lights come on. I will document some more of these as I get a chance. I think you will find it interesting. I have the day off tomorrow so more to come.










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  1. That is way cool. Something that looks blah and like a bunch of rubble can sure flip and be dramatic. Looking forward to what else you find!

  2. Peter Nuttycombe

    Thanks for all the photo’s helps to keep up as I can’t be there Ta

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