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It’s been a couple of long hard days – a night shift followed by an all day shift. Not much time to take photos but did manage a walk though the park  before all the people showed up. Wonder what the wild flowers will look like after a million visitors hit the area.

I finally got around to a quick edit of some of the downtown area from the afternoon walk a couple of days ago. London is easy to get around in and a fun place to just see the sites. The only thing you really need to be careful of is to not step off the cube after looking to your left – the traffic comes from

the right and unlike some places the traffic does not stop when you step off the curb. Here are a few shots from the quick trip down to the river Thames – I am going back tonight to see if I can get the shot of the bridge with the rings while the sky still has some color.

















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  1. Great work love all the difference scenes. I really like the building with yellow underneath.

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