Full day of travel to get to Nashville, Tn – Working with Bill Frakes and Laura Heald and a couple of members of the NPS staff ( myself, Mark Suban, Bill Fortney). There is so much on the web about shooting video with DSLR cameras but too many of them include so much extra production that it’s hard to separate what normal people can do verses the “big” production blowouts that seem to be prevalent. The concept the next two days is to produce a top line music video with D3s and minimal staff. No focus pullers, no helicopters and no production staff other than the few of us.

Our friend and Nikon shooter Ricky Skaggs has consented to be the subject matter. We are all excited and ready to go. Bill Frakes of SI fame and his partner Laura are the driving force here and would be considered Producer, Director and Photographer. The Nikon crew is working as assistants, gaffers, gofer’s and whatever else needs doing. We are also shooting B roll footage for the “making” of the video movie.

Fun started as soon as we got off the plane with a strategy session and the obligatory kick off dinner. Stay tuned for more the next few days.

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