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Reno Air Races – arrival day

The start of a new trip – 4:30am EST headed to JFK. There are two nice things about traveling at that time of morning. JFK is deserted and no traffic. 40 min trip instead of an hour and half. Nice to get the day started. […]

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Music video shoot – day 3

We wrapped up very late last night to complete what was a long but educational day. None of us had ever worked with a JIB – it’s not as easy as one would think but the extra movement and angles will make it very worthwhile. […]

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music video shoot – day 2

The first day started early – travel to the church that was to be the location for today and unpack 20 cases of gear. About 3 hours of prep before Ricky shows up including the assembly of a JIB. The JIB is new to all […]

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