The start of a new trip – 4:30am EST headed to JFK. There are two nice things about traveling at that time of morning. JFK is deserted and no traffic. 40 min trip instead of an hour and half. Nice to get the day started. When you arrive out west – In this case – Reno Nevada – it’s just noon Pacific time. Of course that means there is a long day ahead.

Uneventfull trip with a plane change at Salt Lake City. Our repair tech Mike Anskat is on the same flight and we run into Bill Fortney – PMTR in the Southeast in SLC. We all arrive in Reno together to a black out airport. Seems the power went out in most of the airport about an hour before we arrived. No escalators – no elevators but wonder of wonders – the slot machines and the baggage belts have power.

Since Nikon is a sponsor the people really treat us right – A quick ride down the flight line in our delux limo – you have to have one escort for every 4 people on the flight line – very dangerous place – therefore the extra eyes. it’s already packed with incredible aircraft that I will document for you the next few days. You will see planes here that are very rare – This year there will be 3 of the very few remaining P-38 lightnings. Rare to see one – But Three!!!!

(left to Right – me, Scott Diussa, Bill Fortney, Jose Ramos, Mike Anskat, Richard Small)

After attending Reno several times – we have made great friends – one of them Richard Small (on right) also helps us get the week started by bringing some great California Wines and some great cheese. Things start early tomorrow so it’s a nice way to enjoy a few minutes before the wave hits. Thanks Richard. BTW – those of you that read Nikon World might remember a couple of issues ago – a great photo layout of Richard’s work. A very talented group that I get to hang out with this week. Certainly to be a learning experience.

If you like airplanes – stay tuned!

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