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It was bound to happen – got cold and rainy here in London but Mark and I didn’t let that dampen the enthusiasm – rain – all the more reason to get the camera out and go shooting. Just a little garbage bag protection and off we went.

Lots of photos to be had that you don’t really seen on a bright sunny day. Just a different kind of shooting. We must have walked 2 or 3 miles today but it was very enjoyable even in the cold.
This is my 5th day shooting only the Nikon 1 J1 camera. In fact, it’s the only one I brought with me. Looks a little funny on the top of a gitzo tripod but works extremely well. With only a couple of exceptions the photos are straight from the camera. I did crop the squirrel which I think I mentioned and a few of these could be straightened a little (beginning of astigmatism I am told) like the one above but what you are seeing is straight from the camera. Amazing little camera and I have to admit that I have enjoyed the light weight especially with those long walks. This London blog is my little testament to the ability of this little box.

We had to meet someone for dinner so we decided to walk back to the hotel since it was still raining a little. Makes for some nice night light and reflections. Well worth the effort – we both had a ton of fun.

Could not really go wrong just about anywhere you pointed the camera.

One more day in London and then back to NY.

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