a real treat awaited those of us that got up early – surprisingly more than usual. Word must have gotten out that arrangements had been made to get a F4U Corsair towed out onto the apron where it could be shot without all the roping and barricades that you normally have to deal with.

Now that we had a subject the creative juices began to flow – seems that all are friends but bragging rights to be had for the best rendition of the this great plane. Straight shots – HDR (High Dynamic Range) multiple frames – we tried it all. Competitive fun. Be sure to check out Bill Fortney’s blog for his versions. What a great learning experience. http://web.me.com/bfortney/Pilgrims_Chronicles/The_Pilgrims_Chronicles/The_Pilgrims_Chronicles.html

It was a great morning but time to move onto other planes while the chance was there.

A couple of different versions of a F18F sitting proud on the apron. Both done as HDR from seven bracketed frames. Only to to hold detail when the lighting is so contrasty. Actually there is a 2nd way – Light it – Which is what my friend Joe McNally would do. And it would be spectacular. If you haven’t followed Joe’s blog – you really should check it out. The master of lighting. http://www.joemcnally.com/blog/

The rest of the morning was a real treat also – a few highlights below.

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