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One of the pleasures of my job is the opportunity to shoot some of our newest gear. Last week Nikon announced a new CoolPix P7800 and since I was headed to Reno I “volunteered” to spend a little time with our newest CoolPix. I am a big fan of the P7700 and always carry it with me. For my kind of shooting – the only thing it lacked was a good eye-level viewfinder. The new P7800 adds and electronic viewfinder to the other great features of the P7700. I also brings some other neat items to the party. I went for a short walk this morning in the pits here at Reno and this gallary of images is the result. These are untouched out of the camera.









The only changes to the files were to resize to 1200 x 900 at 200DPI for quicker loading

The only bad news is that you have to wait a few weeks before this hits the stores.

Update – P7800 has been released to the Market


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  1. George Tiedemann

    I own a P7100 and I’ve had the opportunity to use the P7700 but decided not to buy the P7700 because it didn’t have an eye level viewfinder. There are times that I prefer to keep my camera close and my images private. I must say, it was tempting to upgrade to the P7700 because of the fast f2 lens, however, my patience has finally paid off, I can now own the perfect off duty weapon. It’s pretty phenomenal to think that I can now have a constant companion that produces such a higher quality images with an f2 lens to boot. I love my P7100 but I can’t wait to get my hands on the P7800. Oh, by-the-way, thanks for sharing your nice images from the P7800 but that kind of quality is what I’ve grown to expect from this COOLPIX series!

  2. Great stuff Bill, really nice compositions, and I love including the people! Looks like the P7800 is going to be a real winner. It’s amazing what reducing your camera size and weight does for your vision! Looking forward to doing some workshops together down the road! Four months man, four months!!!!

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