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Finally got a chance to edit my Reno shots and thought I would share some of the more interesting. This was the 50th Anniversary of the National Championship Air Races. A long history of the worlds fastest sport.

These planes Go Low, Go Fast and Turn Left at 400+ miles an hour.  Not exactly for the weak of heart. The event is superbly run for both the Media and the fans. Not exactly an easy event to cover from a photographers standpoint since it covers a whole airport. Bring comfortable shoes. Those that are lucky enough to win the Pylon lottery have the pleasure of some unique shooting spots. These areas are limited due to safety reasons and photographers are bussed out to the various pylons.

Here are a couple of my better shots.


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  1. I have to make that trip after I retire…… great stuff. Love the B&W and the same plane with the Green…… Wall Hangers.

  2. Great stuff, and I agree with Jim love it all but he B&W are killer! No wonder you workshop is selling out!

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