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As we were driving out this morning the conversation revolved around the amazing light that we had yesterday – early clouds up high – spectacular sunrise. It was obvious that we were not going to be graced with that again today – the sunrise was looking OK! but not a cloud in the sky. Disappointment was setting in. That is a terrible trap to fall into. Each day presents itself – It’s a clean slate – yesterday has come on gone and is in the books as they say.

Time to put those thoughts out of your mind and open your eyes to TODAY! It will be different but that doesn’t mean that it won’t provide opportunities – maybe even some that yesterday didn’t. If that sounds like an optimists view – then I am guilty as charged.

If you check out the images above and look back a couple of posts – the same subject can look very different due to the light. That is the beauty of each day – you never know what you will get.

We were sitting in the NPS depot today talking about airplanes and how to shoot them. Some of the shooters here are considered to be the very best. A fun bunch to kick back and talk shop with. One person was looking over my shoulder as I was working on a shot – it is the shoot below of the shadow on the side of the plane. He remarked that there was no doubt as to what the plane was and then went on to say that his favorite way of shooting was to try to give the viewer just enough that they could identify the object without even having to title it. Especially to a someone with an interest in the subject. Can you guess what plane the below is.

Ford Tri Motor

If you guessed a Ford Tri Motor – you have a serious interest in aviation.

I got a few emails about how I could be at something like the Reno Air Races and not have any shots of aircraft “FLYING”. Good point but my main function here is to assist others during the day. Everything I have posted with the exception of the first day “Reno-Red” has been taken between 6:00am and 7:00am. That said – here are a couple of images you might like – I snuck out for a few during one of the sessions. Yes – they do FLY. I promise more “in the air” photos tomorrow – my last day here.

At the bottom is a slide show with some of the other images from this morning. I hope you enjoy them.

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  1. Another great day in aviation paradise! Great shots, Bill!

  2. bernie campoli

    Looks like a “Target Rich” environment! Nice Images.

  3. Richard Small

    It was great getting a chance to shoot with you again,and I thank you. You kicked our butts again!!

  4. Bill
    Enjoying your images and comments from your viewpoint at Reno.

    I’m sure your images of aircraft in flight will be just as good as the ones you are sharing from the ground.

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