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Well – just got home from the workshop in Arches Utah and the phone rang – I was asked to fill in at the Sun-n-Fun Airshow here in Lakeland Florida. As most of you that follow – you know airplanes are one of my favorite subjects. Mr. Kim (Nikon repair tech), Andy Dunaway (NPS rep in the SouthEast)and I hit the runway for sunrise to see what we could do.


With sunrise, you never know for  sure what you are going to see – this morning was spectacular. Well worth the early wake up. Sitting on the side of the runway are plenty of vintage aircraft – both military and civilian.




The early morning ground fog makes it spooky out there in the morning. Gives and other world feeling.


Lots of activity on the ramp – if you like to shoot this type of subjects – this is the place to be.



Thanks for following – Airsshow with the Blue Angles later today – I get a chance to see how much I have forgotten about shooting fast moving planes.

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  1. You are my hero. !!!!!! I am not surprised at the captures you produce. Stay well and travel safely.

  2. I am sure it’s warmer in Lakeland than it is here in MA. We did have spring , this week, for two hours.

  3. Wow, nice stuff, you are making me miss it!!!!! I think you are clearly back in the zone!

  4. Great shots Bill ! Looks like a beautiful morning in Florida !

  5. Great shots, Bill. Really enjoyed talking to you about the nuances of time lapse photography at the Nikon booth yesterday. Thanks, again.

  6. How about them Cats!!!!! Please tell Jim a Sugar I sent my best!

  7. George Tiedemann

    I love seeing what you’re up to because I know I’m looking at the real deal as opposed to someone’s computer generated junk. Gorgeous light!

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