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While I personally enjoy the early morning light and the chance to shoot some really great airplane, a lot of people come to the Sun-n-Fun Fly-in and airshow for the airshow that takes place. Due to the political climate – the military was not able to participate last year. They are back and in great form. The headline act this year is the Navy Blue Angels. F22 Raptor is also on the scene and impressing the crowd.   Here is a gallery with thumbnails of a lot of images and the other is a slideshow but you have the have Javascript for it to run. You can click on any thumbnail to open a larger image.








2014-Sun-n-FunThe Blues put on an incredible show. Nice to see them in the air again.

Here is the gallery with thumbnails of a lot of images. You can click on any thumbnail to open a larger image.


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  1. George Tiedemann

    Your timing is great and I especially enjoy the early morning light picture of the Blue Angels on the tarmac. Real pilots land on aircraft carriers…isn’t that how the saying goes?

  2. Wish I was there !!! You are a a true master !!!

  3. It’s nice to be retired. I can’t wait until I do. Keep up the great work!

  4. Bernie Campoli

    Great Images,Nice to see the Blue Angels Performing again!

  5. Yep, you’re back; in the zone, nailing it, knocking it out of the park, swoosh, TOUCHDOWN!!!! Makes me smile to see you being a photographer again! Happy retirement! Wish I was there to share the fun with you….. Raining in Atlanta…

  6. Bill, Great images from Sun n Fun! It was great to spend time with you during the event and to learn from you as well.

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