Jackson Hole Wyoming – a quick trip

Just got back from a quick 4 days in Jackson Hole Wyoming. It was the annual fall “Photography at the Summit” that Nikon sponosrs with Rich Clarkson and Associates. I have been out there many times and know all the great spots to shoot those iconic Grand Teton scenics like this one.

Oxbow Bend

This time I decided to see what I could do with some wildlife. Scott Frier – used to work for us as a Pro Market Tech Rep – promised to show me the ropes. After leaving Nikon – Scott has started up a wildlife photo business and even runs a few travel workshops to some very exotic places.  When I met Scott about 25+ years ago – he was the chief still photographer for the Cousteau Society. Needless to say – when he left them – Nikon hired him. He and his wife Paula are great teachers – Check out Scotts website – his listing is on my links page.

Herre are a few of the better images from the approx. 4 hours we got to shoot over the 3 days. The rest of the time was devoted to working with the attendees at the Clarkson Workshop. Not exactly hard work and what a nice office.


Of course it’s also necessary to take those iconic secenics – even though everyone else has the same shots. Such a beautiful place this time of  year.



Heres a gallery of the images.
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  1. Nice!! love the fall shot with the river, and the fly fisherman, hit them just right, great looking foliage, wish I was there, but then Albuquerque ain’t bad!!!!

  2. Jim Sugar says:

    Bill–As always, your photos look wonderful. Thanks for including me on the list for your blog post. Best wishes.

  3. Just a note, Jim Sugar is older than me! 9 hours!!

  4. I love the fly fisherwoman. Just fantastic, what an office indeed!

  5. Dang, there was a lot of folks out a Jackson Hole the last couple of weeks…. Matt K., Phyliss B. Miles S. and Mr. Bill.

    Great shots and the only post I saw out of all of those that had some (as Moose woud say) Critters in them. Great work Bill as always.

  6. George Tiedemann says:

    Hey, after Nikon, you might consider send your portfolio to National Geo and start another career. Although, that might not be so good for your marriage. Forget I even mentioned it. Never-the-less, the pictures are terrific.

  7. Great stuff. Beautiful sunrise photos. The pictures look better than being there. Amazing you managed to get your Oxbow sunrise images without a person in it. There were so many people there, it was like shooting at a presidential news events. I’m looking forward to going out shooting again with you.

  8. I love these wildlife shots. Amazing. My favorites are the ones with the water, the mist, and the reflections. So beautiful.

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