Month: September 2010

Reno – 1st day of action

a real treat awaited those of us that got up early – surprisingly more than usual. Word must have gotten out that arrangements had been made to get a F4U Corsair towed out onto the apron where it could be shot without all the roping […]

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Reno – Day 1 SunRise

C3 – but from a little different angle than normally seen. Add a little sunrise – payment for being up and around at 6:30. I always try to do this the first day since I’m on east coast time anyway. Worth the effort to get […]

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Reno Air Races – arrival day

The start of a new trip – 4:30am EST headed to JFK. There are two nice things about traveling at that time of morning. JFK is deserted and no traffic. 40 min trip instead of an hour and half. Nice to get the day started. […]

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