Month: September 2010

Reno Day 3 nose art and other items

Nose art is a decorative painting or design on the fuselage of a military aircraft, usually located near the nose, and is a form of aircraft graffiti. It’s always fun when you get to concentrate on some of the other activities surrounding the air races. […]

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Reno – 1st day of action

a real treat awaited those of us that got up early – surprisingly more than usual. Word must have gotten out that arrangements had been made to get a F4U Corsair towed out onto the apron where it could be shot without all the roping […]

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Reno – Day 1 SunRise

C3 – but from a little different angle than normally seen. Add a little sunrise – payment for being up and around at 6:30. I always try to do this the first day since I’m on east coast time anyway. Worth the effort to get […]

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